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Activ-Time Preschool & Daycare Inc.
Address: 14 Fowlers Road
Phone: 709-834-3534

Arizona Heat Tanning Salon
Address: 402-404 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-8996

Ashley’s Family Child Care
Address: 46 Bayview Heights
Phone: 709-834-9448

Attic Crawlers
Address: 43 Pond Road

Awaken Your Beauty
Address: 7 Big Rock Place, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096870931

Body & Soul Wellness Center
Address: 81 Fowler's Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: (709) 834-0527

Brad Brown Tattoos
Address: 702 Conception Bay Highway

Brian Collins
Address: 944-956 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-330-5471

Bright Beginnings
Address: 546 Seal Cove Road
Phone: 709-730-9455

Bright Beginnings Dayhome
Address: 7 Chatwood Crescent
Phone: 709-730-9455

C & J Day Care
Address: 101 Peachytown Road
Phone: 709-697-2174

C.B.S Green Depot
Address: 2678 Topsail Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-5449

CBS / Paradise Community Food Bank
Address: 81-83 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-2800

Central Rehab Inc.
Address: 702-704 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-7390

Charlie Barfoot
Address: 15 Monument Road
Phone: 709-697-9611

Child Matters Incorporated
Address: 20 Rectory Road
Phone: 709-631-2273

Chubbs Investments
Address: 561-563 Conception Bay Highway

Classic Hair Design
Address: 297 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7098343570

Comfort Care
Address: 83 Comefords Road
Phone: 709-240-0201

Complete Hair Styling
Address: 73 Legion Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7098343455

Concept Nutrition
Address: 10 Frontview Avenue
Phone: 709-769-0362

Creative Kidz Family Daycare
Address: 16-20 McCutcheons Road
Phone: 709-834-2760

Cuts and Curls
Address: 130 Fowlers Road
Phone: 709-834-9006

Danielle’s Family Childcare
Address: 18 Jackie Place
Phone: 709-834-7135

Darlene Chafe Family Childcare
Address: 6 Maureen Crescent
Phone: 709-746-4283

Deanne’s Family Childcare Home
Address: 78 Comefords Road

E.J. Stanley Butler
Address: 96-98 Middle Bight Road
Phone: 709-834-9018

Enigma Hair Design
Address: 2639 Topsail Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-781-5900

Essential Esthetics by Brittany
Address: 26 Cambridge Crescent, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096906638

Exploring Awaits Child Care
Address: 290 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-7529

Family Day Care
Address: 9 Williams Way
Phone: 709-743-4663

Fewer’s Ambulance Service Limited
Address: 996 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: (709) 229-1111

Fine Style Salon
Address: 1460-1462 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-744-4495

First Choice Haircuts
Address: 344-348 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-9887

Forward Coaching and Consulting Services
Address: 168 Swansea Street
Phone: 709-743-6426

Hair for You
Address: 669-671 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-3942

Hickey’s Funeral Home
Address: 570-574 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-3051

Hopewell Afterschool Program Inc.
Address: 1219-1225 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-631-4277

Ideal Weight Loss & Nutrition Clinic
Address: 444-454 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-3000

Identity Salon and Suites
Address: 614 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-0044

Indigena Skincare
Address: 2390 Topsail Road
Phone: 709-689-4458

Inspirations Design
Address: 11 Mercedes Court
Phone: 709-834-9495

IVY Enterprises Limited
Address: 277 Anchorage Road

Jocelyn’s Darlings
Address: 55 Foxtrap Access Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7098347356

Joy Marks Physio Integrated Therapy Inc.
Address: 221 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7098342121

Just For Men
Address: 672-674 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-6796

Kaizen Theory Fitness
Address: 104 Red Bridge Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7097492392

Kelly’s Daycare
Address: 16 Delaneys Road
Phone: 709-834-1205

Ken Power Tattoo Company
Address: 818-820 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-240-0844

Kids R Us
Address: 52 Middle Ridge
Phone: (709) 727-1249

Kimmy’s Family Childcare
Address: 12 Concord Drive
Phone: 709-769-1453

Len McDonald Snowclearing
Address: 88-90 Readers Hill Road
Phone: 709-834-8393

Lilly’s Hairstyling
Address: 118-136 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-4361

Little Darling’s Daycare
Address: 2501-2505 Topsail Road
Phone: 709-834-6400

Little Explorers Dayhome
Address: 14 Troy Place
Phone: 709-325-0466

Little John Family Childcare
Address: 32 Sparrow Drive
Phone: 709-746-5920

Little Lambs
Address: 133 Fowlers Road
Phone: 709-834-6738

Lockyer’s Hair Studio
Address: 80-82 Roberts Road South
Phone: 709-691-3858

Lyla’s Whole Hearted Daycare Inc.
Address: 42 Franks Road
Phone: 709-834-5267

Manual Medicine Center
Address: 120 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096919287

Mary’s Daycare
Address: 12 Waterside Place
Phone: 709-743-0798

Max Art Athletics Wellness
Address: 419 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-733-7330

Melissa Collett
Address: 25 Simpson Place
Phone: (709) 834-2692

Merry Care Daycare
Address: 14-28 Craigs Lane
Phone: 709-834-4548

Michelle J. Rideout
Address: 7 Leisure Lane
Phone: 709-699-3816

Michelle’s Day Home
Address: 532 Seal Cove Road
Phone: 709-744-6810

Newfoundland and Labrador Railing Limited
Address: 22 Buckingham Drive
Phone: 709-834-1843

Nicole’s Daycare
Address: 30 Augustus Avenue

Ocean Quest Spa
Address: 13 Stanleys Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-9199

Parkside Hair Design
Address: 34 Angler Place
Phone: 709-744-3098

Pat’s Beauty Salon
Address: 75-79 Roberts Road South
Phone: 709-744-2666

Perrin’s Marine Service
Address: 51 Tidacane Place
Phone: 709-727-5137

Pitter Patter Daycare Inc.
Address: 214 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-7802

Platinum Health + Fitness
Address: 292 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-240-4400

Provincial Home Care
Address: 822-824 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-3396

Provincial Information Equipment Recycling and Refurbishing
Address: 2-10 Hops Street
Phone: (709) 834-2377

Puffin Pals Daycare
Address: 1 Hibernia Place
Phone: 709-699-6542

Rainbow Daycare Center Ltd.
Address: 2-4 Tampa Drive
Phone: 709-834-9161

Robyn’s Nest Dayhome
Address: 50 Swansea Street
Phone: 709-240-0359

Salon 63
Address: 61-63 Scotts Road South
Phone: 709-691-1630

SBD Services LTD – Classic Hair Design
Address: 297 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-3570

Scissors Alive
Address: 713 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-9550

Seabreeze Engraving
Address: 58 Lance Cove Road
Phone: 709-682-1414

Second Glance Salon
Address: 42 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-689-7745

Sej Salon and Spa
Address: 402 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7098341497

Serenity Salon & Suites
Address: 54 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-6668

Sherry’s Home Day Care
Address: 110 Peachytown Road
Phone: 708-834-8939

Shore Cuts Barber Shop
Address: 1424-1426 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-240-2323

Sing Along Day Home
Address: 202 Greeleytown Road
Phone: 709-315-0952

Sisters in Fitness
Address: 9-13 Rideouts Road
Phone: 709-693-2511

Sliding K Ranch
Address: 17 Seal Cove Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096893368

Stay & Play
Address: 65-69 Foxtrap Access Road
Phone: 709-834--5006

Steph’s Home Daycare
Address: 5 Starrigan Place
Phone: 709-687-0868

Stepping Stones Inc
Address: 59-61 Piccos Road

The Hair Spa Inc.
Address: 118-136 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-9755

The Right Start Child Care and After School Program
Address: 25-27 Sunrise Avenue
Phone: 709-834-2114

Ultimate Esthetics
Address: 57 Ledrews Road

Vivid Salon
Address: 653 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-7997

William Reid
Address: 93-95 Peachytown Road
Phone: 709-834-7002

Youngins Day Home
Address: 216 Tilleys Road South
Phone: 709-834-7334

Ziggy’s Unisex Hairstyling
Address: 82 Anchorage Road
Phone: 709-834-4717

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