The Town of Conception Bay South delivered its 2018 budget at the regular public Council meeting on December 19, 2017.  It is a balanced budget and lays the groundwork for the year ahead while holding the line on property taxes.

Budget 2018 represents $38,367,749, which includes fixed costs such as debt repayment, human resources, gasoline, municipal assessment services, street lighting, regional water, and waste disposal fees. It also includes other expenses such as a $1 million investment in a streets and sidewalks program, the provision of fire protection services, implementation of automated garbage collection, programming, and maintenance and enhancement of existing services and amenities. Although this meant some difficult decisions had to be made, all of this was accomplished without increases to residential and commercial property taxes.

In developing this budget, Council had to make tough decisions in light of knowledge that variables outside of their control may add volatility to future revenues in 2019 and beyond. The Municipal Assessment Agency will undertake a reassessment process in 2018, and early indications suggest that this may negatively impact the amount of property taxes collected by the Town.

“We are proud of this budget,” said Mayor Terry French, “We have been able to maintain the high level of services and amenities that residents expect from the Town, all without property tax increases in 2018.”

With this budget, Council reinforced its focus on long-term sustainability, provision of core services, collaboration and cooperation, and better communication. Through multi-year planning, Council will progress initiatives such as improving pedestrian safety, a community park, improved road conditions, sidewalks, and tax relief for seniors, to the best of their ability within their financial means.


Please click here to view the Budget Presentation and the 2018 Schedule of Rates and Fees.