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As part of the Town’s regular Fleet Replacement Program initiated in 2012, two new waste collection trucks were recently purchased at a total cost of $800,000. It’s anticipated these new trucks will be in service in the coming weeks. In preparation for automated waste collection, the trucks were outfitted with the necessary attachments to accommodate hands-free operation.

The Town’s Fleet Replacement Program analyzes maintenance and replacement costs, while integrating recycling or retrofit options to maximize the vehicle’s life cycle. The fleet maintenance schedule is reviewed annually in conjunction with the operations budget, which allows efficient capital budget forecasting and management of the fleet.

During Budget 2018, Council committed to improving the Town’s residential waste collection service by initiating an Automated Waste Collection Program. The new trucks will replace two older models that were purchased in 2012; the decommissioned trucks will initially be utilized as parts for maintenance.

When implemented in late 2018, the Automated Waste Collection Program will involve roll-out style plastic carts (provided to households by the Town). Operators will pull up alongside the garbage cart, activate the collection arm, and transfer the waste to the truck with minimal physical impact on the operator.

“Contributing to the safety of our waste collection operators was one of the key rationales for moving to this automated system,” says Mayor Terry French. “The Automated Waste Collection service is also projected to provide long-term cost savings in fees at the disposal site and hopefully increase the participation rates for residential household recycling.”

The new Automated Program will be phased in over three years, with the first phase starting this fall. The development of regulations, procedures, equipment enhancements, and staff training is ongoing in preparation for the program launch. Residents can expect additional information in their mailboxes and via social media in the coming months, which will include details on the provision of the rollout carts.