ATV Adventure

At the public Council meeting of June 12, 2018 the ATV Advisory Committee chair and vice-chairs were appointed. Council is looking forward to working with Paul Connors (Chair), Mitch Somers (Vice-Chair) and Gerard Clarke (Vice-Chair), as well as the other Committee members, to move forward with the means to solidify tourism potential and develop an action plan for off-road trail tourism within the region.

The Town has taken a hard look at the ATV Bypass Trail concept and has worked tirelessly toward the establishment of an alternate route over the last number of years. While our commitment to the project has been genuine, it is obvious that the current vision and approach is not turning out desired results. We would like to work in collaboration with local ATV enthusiasts and will commit $15,000 to initiate and establish an association focused on the interests of ATV riders in the town.

In early 2018, the Town issued a call for Expressions of Interest for individuals to form the Conception Bay South ATV Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee will provide information and advice to the Town on matters concerning ATV issues. It will devise a plan, including recommendations, for the potential development of safe, cost effective and manageable options for ATV enthusiasts.

On May 30, 2018 a briefing session was held with those individuals who expressed interest in the committee. The session involved a message from Mayor French, presentation on the status of the ATV Bypass Project to date and excellent discussion among those in attendance. In the coming weeks, Council will appoint a Chairperson for this Committee who will then work to establish a steering committee and sub committees to work towards establishing options for ATV users to ensure they have opportunities to enjoy a trail system where they are safe, comfortable and engaged in activity which they enjoy.

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