ATV Committee

The Town has taken a hard look at the ATV Bypass Trail concept and has worked tirelessly toward the establishment of an alternate route over the last number of years. While the Town’s commitment to the project has been genuine, it is obvious that the previous vision and approach is not turning out desired results. In early 2018, the Town issued a call for Expressions of Interest for individuals to form the Conception Bay South ATV Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee will be to provide information and advice to the Town on matters concerning ATV issues. It will devise a plan, including recommendations, for the potential development of safe, cost effective and manageable options for ATV enthusiasts.

At the public Council meeting of June 12, 2018 the ATV Advisory Committee chair and vice-chairs were appointed. Council is looking forward to working with Paul Connors (Chair), Mitch Somers (Vice-Chair) and the other Committee members, to move forward with the means to solidify tourism potential and develop an action plan for off-road trail tourism within the region.

The Committee, made up of local ATV enthusiasts, has been in place since September 2018 and are meeting regularly in collaboration with Town Staff and Council. In the near future, subcommittees will be in place to work on specific projects and initiatives. Follow the activities of the Committee below by viewing the Committee Meeting Summary report completed following each meeting.

Committee members are:

Paul Connors (Chair), Mitch Somers (Vice Chair), Kim Sutton (Secretary), Rick Nosewothy, Steve Butt, Doug Piercey, Harold Burke, Tanya Strickland, Chris Summers, Dean Newman, Justin Cochrane, Peter Welsman.
Council Liaison: Deputy Mayor Murphy

Should you wish to reach out to the Committee, please email


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