Public Advisory: Stranded Leach’s Storm Petrels

Public Advisory: Stranded Leach’s Storm Petrels

Public Advisory

There are reports of stranded Leach’s Storm Petrels in Conception Bay South.

Leach’s Storm Petrels are small black seabirds with a white rump, that become stranded in communities throughout Conception Bay in mid-September to mid-November. Juvenile petrels fledge their burrows from Baccalieu Island (located at the mouth of Conception Bay), and although most will go to sea, many are attracted to artificial lighting on land and vessels.

Unfortunately, once the seabirds land in our community they struggle to become airborne again and this heavily contributes to their mortality. Over the past 30 years, there has been a sharp decline in the population of Leach’s Storm Petrels (approximately a 50% decrease) and this is particularly concerning for our province as Newfoundland and Labrador is home to 90% of the world’s Leach’s Storm Petrels.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter, in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Services, work with communities throughout the province to raise awareness about species like Leach’s Storm Petrel and Atlantic Puffins, which are attracted to artificial lighting. To help reduce the number of stranded birds (puffins and petrels) during this time of year, please reduce the use of artificial lighting as much as you can.

For more information, please visit Puffin and Petrel Patrol.


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