The Town of Conception Bay South is proud to announce that Automated Waste Collection Program began on November 6, 2018 for Phase 1 residents.

Automated waste collection means that garbage carts are emptied using a mechanical arm on a garbage truck, eliminating the need for workers to lift and haul garbage. It’s a safer, smarter, and cleaner way to collect garbage. The program has been a great success so far. Public feedback has been positive, less waste is going to the landfill, and waste collection operators have experienced an improved working environment.

Due to the program’s success, additional residential properties have been selected for Phase 1 automated waste collection.  Streets listed below are now included in Phase 1 and automated waste collection services will begin in April 2019.

A new garbage cart and information booklet will be delivered to all properties receiving this service in the near future. Residents may start using their new cart immediately. One cart will be allocated per dwelling.  Buildings with more than one (1) unit may request additional carts by completing the applicable form.

Additional Streets Included in Phase 1
  • Cambridge Crescent
  • Chanterelle Drive
  • Carrigan Place
  • Caledonia Place
  • Cardero Place
  • Chelsea Place
  • Cozumel Place
  • Fowlers Road
  • Henrys Place
  • Earlston Avenue
  • Kirkston Avenue
  • Haliburton Avenue
  • Lucston Avenue
  • Thomston Avenue
  • Valleyview Crescent
  • Buckingham Drive
  • Sandstone Street
  • Somerset Place
  • Maple Ridge Place
  • Hidden Meadows
  • Mainsail Drive
  • Belle Isle Place
  • Boggans Lane
  • Boggans Meadow
  • Boggans Place