In order to co-ordinate the Town’s Residential Regular Waste and Curbside Recycling pick-up schedule with the operation hours of the Robin Hood Bay Dump over the Christmas holidays the following changes are required to the waste collection scheduled:

Regular Waste & Curbside Recycling Collected on
Tuesday                  December 23, 2014 Monday                  December 22, 2014
Wednesday              December 24, 2014 Tuesday                 December 23, 2014
Thursday                 December 25, 2014 Wednesday            December 24, 2014
Friday                     December 26, 2014 Saturday                December 27, 2014
Tuesday                  December 30, 2014 Monday                 December 29, 2014
Wednesday             December 31, 2014 Tuesday                December 30, 2014
  Thursday                January 1, 2015 Wednesday           December 31, 2014
  Friday                    January 2, 2015 No change in collection

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.


We’re getting greener!

The Town is pleased to offer its Curbside Recycling Program to residents.

See below for information about your curbside recycling schedule, what you can and cannot recycle, recycling reminders, helpful tips on how to stay green and much more!  Should you have any questions please email or call 834-6501/6524.  Follow us on Twitter @TownofCBS for updates on any changes to your waste collection.

What’s my area?

Are you a new resident and unsure of your regular waste collection schedule? Click here

My regular waste is collected on Tuesdays Area 1A & 2B Calendar
My regular waste is collected on Wednesdays Area 2A & 2B Calendar
My regular waste is collected on Thursdays Area 3A & 3B Calendar
My regular waste is collected on Fridays Area 4A & 4B Calendar


What you can and cannot recycle

PAPER products, such as: CONTAINERS—aluminum, tin, plastic, gable top, tetra pack, such as:
Newspapers & Printer Paper
Flyers/Junk Mail
Magazines & Catalogues
Books (remove hardcovers)
Envelopes (remove plastic)
Corrugated Cardboard
Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls
Pizza Boxes (take-out/frozen)
Food Boxes: cereal, crackers, frozen foods, etc.
Shoe Boxes
Notepads & Exercise Books
Egg Cartons
Paper Bags
Milk & Juice Cartons
Plastic Water & Pop Bottles
Plastic Liquor Bottles
Pop & Beer Cans
Margarine, Ice Cream & Yogurt Containers
Plastic Ketchup, Mustard, & Relish Bottles
Food Cans
Cat & Dog Food Cans
Pie Plates & Baking Trays
Plastic Fruit, Vegetable & Sandwich Trays
Plastic Cleaning Supply Bottles
Shampoo, Soap, & Detergent Bottles
Bleach Bottles


Some items may appear to be recyclable, but are not. The list includes:
Plastic/Film Wrap
Plastic Bags
Used Propane Containers
Aerosol & Paint Cans
Motor Oil Containers
Kitty Litter
Gift Wrap
Kids Toys
Disposable Coffee/Drink Cups
Plastic Baskets & Storage Containers


Recycling reminders

  • Regular waste collection will continue to be collected each week.
  • Paper and containers must be separated and placed in clear blue bags.
  • Recycling must be placed roadside every other week, on the scheduled day, not earlier than 6:00 am, not later than 7:00 am.
  • Each bag must weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Rinse your food containers before recycling them.
  • Containers must be free of liquids.
  • Nothing sharp or dangerous should protrude from the bags.
  • Do not place bags of recycling on snow banks, as it can be difficult for collectors to reach.

Helpful tips on how to stay green

  • Post your recycling calendar on your fridge, or some other place for easy reference.
  • Ensure your recycling containers/bags are as easy to access.
  • Recycling bags do not have to be covered, but may need to be on windy days.
  • Who wants a pile of shopping bags? As soon as you get the groceries put away in your cupboard, take your reusable shopping bags directly back out to your car. Then you know you won’t forget them next time you shop!
  • Composting is a great way to reduce waste and the resulting compost will enrich soil for your gardens and flower beds. Visit for more information.
  • Where Conception Bay South programs are not available, taking waste to Robin Hood Bay is a vital part of keeping Conception Bay South clean and green.
  • Reducing our waste is important. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Need to learn more?  View our Waste and Recycling Curbside Recycling Booklet  or you may download the booklet now.

Watch our Recycling video to learn more about how to recycle.

Please be advised that regular waste & curbside recycling collection dates may change for statutory holidays.  To ensure that your waste is collected check the Town’s website for updates on new collection dates.